Security Services

Our Security Services provide organisations of all sizes with detailed internal vulnerability assessments of their IT Infrastructures and web applications, accompanied by comprehensive documentation on all of the identified problems and recommended corrective measures.


Using a horizontal approach and focusing resources to identify vulnerabilities within the shortest period of time, our Security Services are the ideal starting point for IT security corrective processes.

Infrastructure Assessment:


Evaluates and increases the security of your IT environment by identifying security vulnerabilities and recommending corrective measures to mitigate risks.

Web Application Assessment:


Evaluates and increases the security of web applications by identifying security vulnerabilities in the applications’ programming and functions, and recommending corrective measures to mitigate the risks.

Penetration Testing:


Evaluates and tests the external access security of your network by employing the very techniques used to break down your defences, helping to protect your data from malicious or simple hobby attacks. In both cases, the security of your data is paramount.

The combination of vulnerability assessment and scanning tools, and the experience of our security engineers, identifies existing vulnerabilities in web applications and across all major network operating systems, services and network devices commonly used in business IT environments.