Remote Operation Services

As you scale your IT infrastructure to support growth, the management of your networks, databases and applications become formidable tasks which can overwhelm your internal resources.


A robust and reliable IT infrastructure is the foundation of your organisation: you need to know about a problem before it can affect your critical services. Monitoring and maintaining your IT systems in-house can quickly become a colossal job that consumes your precious resources, distracting from the task of innovating and enabling IT to add real value to your business.


We provide comprehensive services to help organisation of all sizes optimise critical IT resources, deliver quality services and achieve optimal service availability and performance.

Reduce costs:


Our Remote Operations Centre (ROC) services will help you reduce your on-going IT operating costs by up to 25%, as well as delivering savings on  your recruitment, retention and training costs.

Minimise business risk:


When we manage your IT we hold ourselves accountable for its availability. We put tight SLAs in place and pro-actively manage your systems to reduce risk and ensure the ongoing availability of services.

Predictable IT costs:


Our Managed IT Services help remove the spikes of capital investment needed to keep IT up to date by ensuring your applications, defences and hardware are continuously updated and enhanced.

Focus your core skills:


We can help your in-house IT team focus on strategic projects to drive your business forward by freeing them from the burden of day-to-day infrastructure management.

Our ROC is at the heart of our service operations. With a state-of-the-art remote monitoring capability, our ROC can monitor your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to identify and address issues before they can escalate and impact your services, leaving your in-house IT teams free to focus on strategic projects within your organisation. We pride ourselves on our remote capability – with standardised alerts to ensure that your systems are always operational, critical data is continually backed up, disk space is available to both critical applications and users, end point security is constantly updated and servers meet pre-agreed performance requirements.